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Charlie Bit Me

Well, I hate to publish a blog post with a title name so cliché and outdated, but I felt it was appropriate for this picture and the video also has over 300 million views on YouTube, so why not help my blog out a bit? Anyways, this right here is Charlie. He is one of the most beautiful dogs I have ever seen and unfortunately I can’t tell you exactly what breed he is because it will always be a mystery. Several vets have said that he is a mix of Golden Retriever and Australian Shepard, but would that black spec on his tongue hint at a little bit of Chow as well? We have tried tirelessly to track down the family that kindly donated this dog to us to find out the official breed. What do you guys think?

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Chapman University Loves Fountains

Only people that attend Chapman University will understand Chapman’s obsession with extravagant fountains such as this ‘Global Citizen’s Plaza’, which cost them a small amount of about $10 million. In fact, the fountain is gorgeous and I believe they built it because Chapman predicts this plaza to be the center of campus within the next couple decades. Talk about some nice curb appeal! I shot this picture with a Nikkor 10.5mm f2.8 fish-eye lens mounted on a tripod. It was one of the first images shot with my fish-eye.

As I said, Chapman loves fountains. This is the Fahmy Atallah Piazza that cost approximately $3.3 million, most of which is pure donations. This fountain is currently the center of campus and it represents the four pillars of Chapman’s education; intellectual, physical, social, and spiritual. This particular pillar, as you can see, represents the social pillar and each pillar is engraved with a quote from Fahmy’s poetry.

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