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Sit-Down Hydrofoil Fun


This is my good friend Pascal Combes-Knoke trying to do his first ever back flip on a sit-down hydrofoil at Lake Ming located in Bakersfield, California. This is one of my favorite action sports shots because it makes me laugh every time I look it. Aside from it’s humor, it is actually a well-framed photograph that really exhibits the intensity of the sport. Personally, I refused to try the hydrofoil and just stuck with the classic wake-board. Follow my blog to see some more action shots that I will post in the near future. Please like, comment, and share if you enjoyed this picture!


The Malibu Bandit


I took this photo in Malibu, California at Leo Carrillo State Beach. I put this photo under my ‘lucky’ category because it is one of those moments where you don’t have any time to react, you just have to press the shutter release button. I am sure most photographers can relate to moments like these in life. If only the wave was breaking in the background! I hope you enjoy this photo. Keep an eye out for more of my work. Don’t forget to like and share!


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