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Colorful Cannes


This is certainly one of my favorite shots I’ve taken since I’ve lived in Cannes. It really shows the energy and the dynamism of this condensed city on the French Riviera. The church on top of the hill is called the Notre-Dame de l’Espérance. It was completed back in 1648 and sits upon the Suquet hill in old Cannes. With a short trek up the hill, anyone can enjoy a breathtaking view of one of the most famous cities on the French Riviera. I have already been up there several times just to escape the busy lifestyle deep in the city. Click on the picture to see it in all of it’s glory. Please like, share, and comment if you enjoyed this post!



Cannes Intercontinental Hotel


The Cannes Intercontinental Hotel is recognized as the most famous hotel in Cannes and was built in 1911. It is the hotel of choice for movie stars during the Cannes Film Festival and also has made appearances in an Elton John music video (I’m Still Standing) and an Alfred Hitchcock film (To Catch a Thief). This picture was taken during a light rain on a chilly December night. I hope you enjoy this photo and feel free to comment and share with friends!


Chapman University Loves Fountains

Only people that attend Chapman University will understand Chapman’s obsession with extravagant fountains such as this ‘Global Citizen’s Plaza’, which cost them a small amount of about $10 million. In fact, the fountain is gorgeous and I believe they built it because Chapman predicts this plaza to be the center of campus within the next couple decades. Talk about some nice curb appeal! I shot this picture with a Nikkor 10.5mm f2.8 fish-eye lens mounted on a tripod. It was one of the first images shot with my fish-eye.

As I said, Chapman loves fountains. This is the Fahmy Atallah Piazza that cost approximately $3.3 million, most of which is pure donations. This fountain is currently the center of campus and it represents the four pillars of Chapman’s education; intellectual, physical, social, and spiritual. This particular pillar, as you can see, represents the social pillar and each pillar is engraved with a quote from Fahmy’s poetry.

When Edison cuts my power, I…

…first panic. Then complain to my roommate for not paying the bills in time. Then realize that everything is going to be okay without my Macbook, Playstation 3, Vizio TV, but even more frightening, no microwave. Well, maybe things won’t be okay. So with no power, you have to weigh your options; Should I do homework? No, I have one more day to procrastinate. Should I read a book? No, I can’t multitask holding a light and read at the same time. Should I have my roommate smoke cigarettes in the house while my other roommate holds a flashlight in the background so I can snap some sweet photos? Absolutely! If you were one of the lucky few that has bathed in the majestic fountain of youth, I believe I have experienced something just as rejuvenating, thanks to Edison Corporation! But don’t ever, ever cut my power again! Now it’s time to prestige in Call of Duty.

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